Unleash the Power of Weather Intelligence: Vantage Pro2 Plus

Embrace the cutting-edge technology and superior performance of our weather stations, empowering you to make informed decisions and stay ahead of changing weather conditions.

Create a network of additional sensors

Track pool temperature, soil moisture in the garden, or humidity in the wine cellar with a customized network of sensors reporting to your Vantage Pro2 console.

Allow Access

Pro and Pro+ upgrades allow you to share your personal weather station data and to allow access to historical data, charting, and other advanced features.


Embed iframe code into your personal website, customize your email signature with your weather data, or use the full screen option to display current conditions on a TV in the office or for public display.


Upload your weather data to a growing list of third-party services including Weather Underground and CWOP (Citizen Weather Observer Program).

Developer Resources

Our powerful API allows local and remote access to weather station data.


Set up customized email and text conditions with the most comprehensive alarm platform available for personal weather stations.

Station Links

Want to share your station data with a friend or the broader community without requiring them to log in? Share the Summary link or the Device URL to securely share your personal weather data.

Radiation Shield

Choose from three options to increase temperature accuracy by protecting the sensor from solar radiation.

Passive Radiation Shield (Standard)

  • Received a 5-star rating from the WMO.
  • Protects temperature sensors from reflected heat sources
  • Engineered w/multi-plate structure for maximum airflow

24-Hour Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield

  • Designed to optimize sensor accuracy around the clock.
  • During daylight, a solar-powered, motor-driven fan maintains a constant airflow through the sensor chamber at 500 feet per minute (2.5 m/s).
  • At night, with reduced radiation effects, the fan operates on battery power, slowing the airflow to 280 feet per minute (1.4 m/s).

Daytime Fan-Aspirated Radiation Shield

  • The solar-powered fan maintains a constant airflow through the sensor chamber during daylight hours.
  • When the effects of solar radiation decrease at night, the fan ceases operation.

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