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This article will guide you on installing Davis Vantage Connect.

Davis Vantage Connect is a self-contained and solar-powered weather-resistant device that collect data from any Davis weather station and any Davis sensor. This Vantage Connect pushes the data to the Davis weatherlink.com service via the mobile phone/cellular network. Then you can access your data on WeatherLink.com or on Davis mobile apps.

Davis Vantage Connect common setup installation figures

These are some of the several images who purchase Davis Weather Station with their setup installation using Vantage Connect. (images from imgur.com)

How to Power On Davis Vantage Connect device

The following video is a demonstration on how to Power On Davis Vantage Connect device.

Davis Vantage Connect Installation Diagram

This diagram shows a Vantage Pro2 sensor suite sending data to a Vantage Connect. The Vantage Connect then transmits the data via cellular connection to WeatherLink.com, where it can be viewed on a computer or smartphone. See link below for installation diagram.



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