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Timed Engine Shut Off

Timed Engine Shut Off

Introducing: Timed Engine Shut Off (TESO)

So you come into this page and want to know about this Timed Engine Shut Off or shall we say in short as TESO.

What is TESO? What does it do?

TESO means Timed Engine Shut Off. TESO can protect and extend the life of your diesel powered and turbo aspirated engines (diesel and gasoline engines).

TESO Features

Our TESO product offers the following features:

  • Monitors for high coolant temperature and shuts of the engine when unsafe temperature is detected.
  • Monitors low engine oil pressure and shuts off the engine when oil pressure falls below a safe level.
  • TESO can provide engine cool down idle time period after Off/On/Start switch is placed in the Off position. This is especially important for turbo charged engines to prevent expensive damage to the turbo caused by oil “coking”.
  • TESO monitors the status of the parking brake and will immediately shut off the engine if the brake is released while TESO is in the shut off idle run mode.

For detailed product use, please visit/download the links below:

Download Link: TESO Installation Guide (PDF)
Download Link: TESO Set-Up Procedures Guide PDF
Download Link: DHL Philippines – Customer Feedback

You can also visit some of our Customer Feeback from TESO product below.

V-Count II

V-Count II

What is V-Count II ?

Our V-Count II (way of Vehicle Speed Sensor) will set a speed limit in your vehicle and will monitor how many times your driver exceeded that speed.

Automobile accidents are the #1 killer of America’s teens. The vast majority of these accidents are the result of poor driving habits. Peer pressure, loud music, showing off, and general carelessness behind the wheel all contribute to these tragedies. Stop worrying about your teen’s driving and get V-Count!

Why V-Count II ?

Talking about defensive driving skills, setting curfews and other limits certainly have their place. But what about when you’re not there? This is when bad things happen to good teens due to inexperience, peer behavior, and other factors beyond your control. Based on statistics, over speeding is the number one cause of accidents involving inexperienced teenage and even adult drivers. But, now you can set a speed limit and monitor how many times your teen exceeded that speed limit.

How it works ?

This is accomplished by supplying the unit with the same Vehicle Speed Signal (VSS) used by the vehicle speedometer. In older vehicles, year 1992 or earlier, that do not use an electronically driven speedometer, a special speed sensor installation kit (VSS Installation Manual, RS Installation Manual) is available (see V-Count II Setup, requires PDF reader or view plain web page).

The speed signal supplied to the V-COUNT II is processed by a microprocessor that compares it with a stored calibration value to determine the vehicle speed at any instant of time.

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When the maximum speed limit set by the vehicle owner or fleet manager is violated, a loud warning tone is sounded. This warning tone remains on until the vehicle speed is reduced below the set maximum. The time in seconds of an Over Speed violation before a violation is logged can be set in the range of 1 to 20 seconds. The default setting is 5 seconds. A flashing red light will turn on if the speed violation lasts for longer than the set time. This Over Speed indicator light can only be extinguished by an authorized person entering the 6 digit Security Code.

Each violation that exceeds the set Over Speed violation will cause a speed violation counter to increment up to the maximum count of 99 for each instance of violation.

If the V-COUNT II is disconnected for more than 20 seconds and then re-connected, a red flashing TAMPER light will start flashing.

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What is SpeedSpy

What is SpeedSpy

SpeedSpy is a product from Apexs and ideal for customers seeking a cost effective solution for Setting, Monitoring and Enforcing the maximum allowed speeds for motor vehicles.

It can be used in ALL light vehicles (cars, small trucks, SUV’s and vans) manufactured since 1996.

It is simply plugged into the vehicle Data Link Connector (DLC) located inside the cabin under the dashboard No Installation is Required.