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Facebook Pages:

APEXS, INC facebook.com/apexs.inc [Company page]This is our company page. You can see all the updates from our company through this page. You can also send us a message through the the page.

APEXVALUE facebook.com/apexvalue [Website page]This is our facebook website page. You can see all the updates from our apexvalue.com website through this page.

Other Pages

Davis Weather Station PH facebook.com/DavisWeatherStation

Weather Monitoring PH facebook.com/weather.monitoring.ph

Davis Weatherlink facebook.com/davisweatherlink

Davis Vantage Pro2 PH facebook.com/vantagepro2

Davis Vantage Vue facebook.com/vantagevue

Davis Instruments PH facebook.com/DavisInstruments.Ph

Facebook Community:

Weather Monitoring PH Community facebook.com/weathermonitoring