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Rendered Question:

Vantage Connect are by default using Globe Telecom Simcard. However some of our weather station customers prefer to use Simcard from Smart Communication because it is the only GPRS signal available in the area.

Is it possible for Vantage Connect to have option to select which simcard to use. I know Smart Communication will have higher monthly fee and it is okey as long as the customer have the option.

Davis Feedback:

Our 6620G Vantage Connect has a SIM that will roam on Smart Communications. You will need to use the region subscription, 6632C, 6634C or 6636C.

So you would buy

  • 6620G Vantage Connect


  • 6632C or 6634C or 6636C

The 6620G will also work on Globe.  If you find that the 6620G is not working let me know and I can see if it’s trying Globe erroneously….and work with the SIM partner to change the priority.