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We have successfully Check and Repair the Automated Weather Station (AWS) of LGU Daan Bantayan MDRRMO by one our our Technical Support Engineer. See what they posted in Facebook.Daanbantayan-MDRRMO

Dismantling the AWS in LGU personel pic 3 Accompanied by one of LGU personel peic 2 Dismantling the AWS in LGU personel pic 2
Holding the pole Accompanied by one of LGU personel Dismantling the AWS in LGU personel Accompanied by one of LGU personel

As you can see in the picture, even if there’s a bad weather (strong wind and rain) our technical support staff are there to help the MDRRMO LGU personnel to bring down the weather station that is currently installed in the roof top antenna.

Several Day passed and we noticed they have posted an update during our checkup and repair visit. Facebook see that post here.


Now MDRRMO LGU weather station are now back into service and fully functional. When problem arise again, we’re always here to help. Just contact us or drop us a message on messenger.