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Davis has posted new blog update from July 2019.

You can see the blog update at www.davisinstruments.com/blog/import-your-historical-data-into-your-weatherlink-live/

Take a short excerpt paragraph below.

Import Your Historical Data Into Your WeatherLink Live

“We heard a few requests from new WeatherLink Live customers who were thrilled with the product but wanted their old data currently stored in WeatherLink Computer Software to be merged into their WeatherLink Live to provide a seamless historical record. This would be a benefit for those who have upgraded their WeatherLink Live to Pro or Pro+ because they would be able to access and graph all their historical data along with the new data WeatherLink is uploading. And even for users who don’t want to upgrade, the old data would be used in the “Almanac” area of the WeatherLink app where highs and lows for years, months and days are shown.”