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Davis has posted new blog update in Aug 2019.

You can see the blog update at www.davisinstruments.com/blog/bring-weatherlink-home/

Take a short excerpt paragraph below.

Bring WeatherLink Live Home

“What’s missing from your high-tech home? WeatherLink Live, that’s what. Davis Instruments’ newest addition will add convenience and efficiency to your home by giving you the ability to gather and access more environmental data than ever. WeatherLink Live automatically sends the data you need to the WeatherLink Cloud via your home’s Wi-Fi.”

“WeatherLink Live even provides live-streaming of data to the WeatherLink app when your smartphone is on your local area network. This means you can watch the wind speed change as it happens. The app shows LIVE at the top when it’s getting an update packet, every 2.5 seconds. Because it can receive data from up to eight different transmitters, even eight different sensor suites, you can create a truly custom network for your home.”