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Davis has posted new blog update in May 2019.

You can see the blog update at www.davisinstruments.com/blog/sensing-danger-weatherlink-live-makes-florida-bridge-safer/

Take a short excerpt paragraph below.

Sensing Danger: WeatherLink Live Makes Florida Bridge Safer

“On Florida’s St. George Island Bridge, a four-mile (6.5km), two-lane bridge that connects St. George Island to the mainland, emergency managers must deal with the dangers of suddenly-shifting high winds. Their most crucial need is for timely data: learning that wind speeds reached a threshold that should have prompted a bridge closure minutes ago is too little, too late.”

“WeatherSTEM initially installed a Davis Instruments system to measure wind, rain, temperature, UV, solar radiation and water temperature from a single position, approximately a mile off the mainland shore. It added high-resolution cloud-connected cameras to observe real-time imagery of current conditions and to provide time-lapse visuals of passing weather patterns. The system was connected to a 150W solar panel to solve remote power issues and combined a Davis Instruments WeatherLinkIP device with a Sierra Wireless modem to bring the site online. This system reported environmental data every minute.”