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According to Davis.

Our original WeatherLink Software allows you to view and keep historical records, raw data, graphs, your own custom reports and more from your own weather station—all on your own PC. It also has provisions for making your own web pages, which you can create and upload to your own internet site. However, to do this, you need to know how to make a web site, buy the domain name, and set up your site with a host. WeatherLinkIP includes all the features of the WeatherLink software, plus it does all the web site creation, upkeep, and hosting for you. No web page designing or set up, no hosting fees or uploads, no domain names needed. With WeatherLinkIP, you plug your data logger into your Vantage Pro, Vantage Pro2, or Vantage Vue console or Envoy and into your router/hub for immediate data upload.