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What is the WeatherLink Network?

According to Davis. Weatherlink.com is Davis’ global weather network with thousands of weather stations reporting. Each reporting station has its own page on the site and is shown on the map as a temperature-color-coded dot that makes it easy to see temperatures worldwide. Click on a dot to see current weather conditions for that station. Each WeatherLink.com account also includes a private page with enough storage capacity to store up to two years’ worth of weather data.

Adding your station to the WeatherLink Network is as simple as “plug-and-play”—no web skills needed! Simple configuration steps are required to upload to third-party sites or set e-mail alert conditions.

Want to keep your data for your own records? Download your data from WeatherLink.com to use all the graphing and reporting features of the WeatherLink Software.

Want to join the WeatherLink Network?

Here are 3 ways to join and upload your data online.