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You Don’t I See 2-Minute Wind Speed Average Or 10-Minute Wind Gust Values On WeatherLink.Com?

According to Davis.

This feature was not added until firmware version 1.90. If you can’t see them, your firmware is old and needs to be updated to 1.90 or higher. Please Note: If your Vantage Pro2 Console Firmware is dated November 28, 2005 or later, you may update your console with the Direct PC Install file. This is a stand-alone application that will update your console firmware directly through the WeatherLink data logger connected to your PC. (WeatherLink for Vantage Pro2 (#6510SER, 6510USB, 6540, 6544, 6550 or 6560) is required to use the Direct PC Install file.) DO NOT USE the Direct to PC Install file if your Vantage Pro2 firmware revision is dated before November 28, 2005. Also Note: firmware version 3.15 is only for Vantage Pro2 Wireless Consoles manufactured April 2006 or later (#6312, #6312OV, #6312UK, #6312EU). The Inside Temp, Inside Hum, and Barometer readings will not appear if version 3.15 firmware is installed on consoles manufactured before April 2006.