How to buy an item from apexvalue shop?

This help article is all about How to buy an item from apexvalue shop?

So you have landed into this page to know how to buy an item from apexvalue shop.

The first thing you should do is to buy an item from our apexvalue shop and place an order. Yes you heard it right. You just need to place an order.

In order to place an order from our apexvalue shop. You need to select an item to buy.

Once you have selected that item. You have to add it in your cart. Just click the Add to Cart button then click the View Cart.

Now you will see all the list of item that added from your cart, you can remove some of them by clicking the close button or adjust the quantity of the item.

If you have change the quantity of the item, then make sure to click the update cart button in order to update the total price in your cart.

If you have a coupon code then you can input that coupon code from the input box.

Below the cart list is the cart totals calculated with the shipping options.

Once you are ready to place the order then click the Proceed to checkout.

The proceed to checkout will prompt you to the billing and shipping details. You just need to fill all the information box to proceed next to the payment details.

We’re only accepting online payments through Paypal. If you want to use other channel of payment you can contact us so we can better assist you.

If you want to pay through your Credit Card, then no need to worry because PayPal accept credit and debit card payments.

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