+63(32) 495-2106   |   +63(32) 268-6937 apexsinc@apexvalue.com

Hello everyone, we’ve updated our email address using the apexs, inc at apexvalue.com

We want to inform you in advance that we will be leaving our old email apexsinc@mozcom.com.

Starting today, we will be using apexsinc@apexvalue.com as our primary email.

We have also sent all our list of valued customers to update their phonebook database.

The content they have received is similar looking to this:

Dear Valued Customer,

We will be transitioning permanently to our new email hosting service from apexsinc@mozcom.com to apexsinc@apexvalue.com.

Kindly update your email address phone book accordingly.

Thank you and regards,

APEXS, Incorporated
Phone : (6332)268-6937
Telefax : (6332) 495-2106
Website : www.apexvalue.com
Address: Suite 714 EGI City by the Sea Maribago, Lapu-lapu City Cebu, Philippines 6015

Let us know if you need more details. You may also send us an email using our contact form.