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Introducing! Davis Instruments Installation Options.

These are the installation options available in the event of weather station installations.

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Davis 6618 Universal Shelter for...

Introducing! Davis Instruments 6618 Universal Shelter for Vue, VP2, Envoy. For Vue, VP2, and Envoy, Davis 6618 Universal Shelter It's all in the name. Both weather and auto installations can benefit from the Universal Shelter's flexibility.

6670 Universal Mounting Bracket...

Introducing! Davis Instruments Universal Mounting Bracket. For mounting a solar radiation sensor, a UV sensor, or a radiation shield (7714). Bracket is pre-driller for easy mounting. Includes mounting hardware.

6671 Shelter Angle Brackets

Introducing! Davis Instruments Shelter Angle Brackets. Change the tilt of the solar panel from 5 to 30 degrees. Increase the efficiency of solar panels in lower latitudes. Mounting hardware is included. Compatible with Vantage Connect, EnviroMonitor Gateway, and Solar Power Charging kits.

6673 Sensor Mounting Shelf

Introducing! Davis Instruments Sensor Mounting Shelf. For use with a Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor suite to mount a sun radiation sensor and/or UV sensor.

6612 Heavy Duty Solar Power Kit

Introducing: Davis 6612 Heavy Duty Solar Power Kit, no VP2 ISS and data logger. This package includes the 6612 Heavy Duty Solar Power Kit. No ISS and weatherlink data logger.

6710 Optional AC Charger Kit

The 6710 Optional AC Charger Kit from Davis Instruments is designed to charge the battery in a Vantage Connect or Heavy Duty Solar Power Kit.