International Davis Instruments distributors

To ensure your Davis weather station complies with ACMA regulation, make sure it comes from one of the authorized resellers or International Davis Instruments distributors.

We present to you the list of International Davis Instruments distributors.

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International Davis Instruments distributors
Region Continent Country Name Website Email Name Website Email
2 Asia Kazakhstan Meteoinstrumenty LLP
2 Caribean Trinidad & Tobago Survival Systems Ltd
2 Central America & Mexico Costa Rica Asesoria Agricola-Ambiental Americana S.A.
2 Central America & Mexico Guatemala Labco Comunicacions
2 Central America & Mexico Honduras La Casa Del Ingeniero, SA
2 Central America & Mexico Mexico Disime Instrumentation Cientifica
2 North America & Canada Alaska Davis US
2 North America & Canada Canada Davis US
2 North America & Canada Hawaii Davis US
2 North America & Canada Puerto Rico Davis US
2 North America & Canada US Davis US Ambient Weather
2 South America Argentina Mercobras S.A
2 South America Bolivia Brazil Profel
2 South America Chile Comercial Tecnipak Ltda
2 South America Colombia Insak SAS K-2 Ingenieria
2 South America Ecuador Fernando Saenz-Climameteoro Pathprofit S.A
2 South America Panama Islamorada Internacional, SA
2 South America Peru Davis International Peru S.A.
2 South America Uruguay Aeromarine S.A. Aeromarine S.A.
2 South America Venezuela GPS, C.A.
3 Asia China Channel Technology Group Meter Technology Corp.
3 Asia Hong Kong Acez Instruments Ltd
3 Asia India Info-Electronics Systems Pvt. Ltd
3 Asia Indonesia PT Global Instruments
3 Asia Japan AOR Ltd
3 Asia Malaysia Geo Spatial Solutions Intec Marketing Services
3 Asia Nepal Mahavir Shree
3 Asia Pakistan Vantage Technologies
3 Asia Philippines Apexs
3 Asia Singapore Acez Instruments Ltd
3 Asia South Korea Korins
3 Asia Tailand Crystal Research
3 Asia Taiwan Jauntering International Corp. Nijin Evironmental
3 Oceania Australia Davis Instruments Australia Pty Ltd
3 Oceania New Zealand Weatherdata