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Maintaining the Anemometer Wind Cups will assure that your weather instruments will continue to perform at their highest accuracy.

These are some issues you may encountered if not maintaining the anemometer wind cups.

  • Spiders and other insects can interfere with the rotation of the cups.
  • Debris.

The common solutions you may used in maintaining the anemometer wind cups is the following.

  • If wind speed seems low, use an Allen wrench to loosen the setscrew on the side of the wind cups. Remove the wind cups, and clean the exposed portion of the shaft with a damp cloth or cotton swab. Clean the wind cups with water and a mild liquid detergent. Rinse thoroughly before replacing.
  • After replacing the wind cups and tightening the setscrew, check to make sure that the wind cups spin freely. If they do not, the bearings may be worn and need factory repair.

Caution, take an extra precaution with the following.

  • Do not use or add grease, oil, or a spray lubricant of any kind in your anemometer.