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Maintaining the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS) will assure that your weather instruments will continue to perform at their highest accuracy.

These are some issues you may encountered if not maintaining the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS).

  • Console shows the message: “LOW TX BATTERY” (wireless stations only).

The common solutions you may used in maintaining the anemometer wind vane is the following.

  • Replace the 3-volt lithium battery inside the transmitter shelter

Note, because note saves you from Despair.

  • The message “LOW CONSOLE BATTERIES” indicates that the C-cell batteries in the console need to be replaced

What if you have encountered the problem in ISS solar panel?

Well, these are the following issues you may encountered in ISS solar panel.

  • Solar panels look hazy.

In order to fix that, these are the following solution.

  • Sunlight can make the solar panels look hazy or cloudy. However, this haziness will not affect performance and needs no maintenance. You should just keep the solar panels clear of snow, dust or debris for best charging.

Now that is all the information you may need in Maintaining the Integrated Sensor Suite (ISS). For any question you may have, just visit the contact form and don’t forget to hit the send.