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Introducing: Timed Engine Shut Off (TESO)

So you come into this page and want to know about this Timed Engine Shut Off or shall we say in short as TESO.

What is TESO? What does it do?

TESO means Timed Engine Shut Off. TESO can protect and extend the life of your diesel powered and turbo aspirated engines (diesel and gasoline engines).

TESO Features

Our TESO product offers the following features:

  • Monitors for high coolant temperature and shuts of the engine when unsafe temperature is detected.
  • Monitors low engine oil pressure and shuts off the engine when oil pressure falls below a safe level.
  • TESO can provide engine cool down idle time period after Off/On/Start switch is placed in the Off position. This is especially important for turbo charged engines to prevent expensive damage to the turbo caused by oil “coking”.
  • TESO monitors the status of the parking brake and will immediately shut off the engine if the brake is released while TESO is in the shut off idle run mode.

For detailed product use, please visit/download the links below:

Download Link: TESO Installation Guide (PDF)
Download Link: TESO Set-Up Procedures Guide PDF
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