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Introducing: WeatherLink Serial-Port Data Logger for Windows?

Straightforward explanation: With this WeatherLink Serial-Port Data Logger for Windows, you can log and store weather data, by the use of your computer serial port. If you have recently purchased a wireless or cable Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue console and you have a serial port in your windows computer then this is what you need. You can transfer the data as often as you like, or leave the PC and software running to transfer it automatically each day.

WeatherLink Serial-Port Data Logger for Windows

Access, store and graph your data with WeatherLink.
Add USB Data Logger to your Vantage Vue/Vantage Pro2 console or Weather Envoy, and view data on your PC with WeatherLink Computer Software (included) or online at WeatherLink Cloud solutions: WeatherLink.com and WeatherLink Mobile Apps (iOS and Android).

What are the features?

With WeatherLink Serial-Port Data Logger for Windows, the Data logger is fits neatly into the console of wireless and cabled Vantage Vantage Pro2 and Vantage Vue, as well as into wireless and cabled Weather Envoy. You can Graph, Analyze and Store Your Data with the following features:

  • Build and customize your bulletin dashboard to receive current data updates from all of your installed sensors. You can move and resize tiles to see the data just the way you like it.
  • Visualize any of your sensor data with custom line and bar charts on up to 4 different y-axes. Zoom into an hour of data or out to a full year to view details and trends.
  • Access all of your raw sensor data at the click of a button. You can sort by date/time or data type and export any data set directly to an Excel-friendly .csv file.
  • Use the WeatherLink Map to view and interact with the community of public stations in the worldwide WeatherLink Network. Click on a station to see a summary of current data and click the bulletin to see the station’s customized weather dashboard.
  • Use the Davis Mobilize App on iOS to create custom frost, weather, crop and irrigation views for web and mobile.
  • Share Your Data with 3rd-party Weather Sites, Automatically upload your data to:
    • Weather Underground
    • CWOP
    • GLOBE
  • User-Selectable Storage Interval:
    • Choose 1, 5, 10, 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.
    • Store up to six months’ worth of data on your Data Logger – depending on the storage interval.

Transfer the data from Data Logger to your Mac as often as you like, or leave simply the WeatherLink Computer Software and Mac running 24/7 to transfer it automatically.

Whats in the Box?

  • Data logger
  • WeatherLink Computer Software on CD, Windows version
  • Download cable to connect the data logger to your computer
  • Serial port adapter
  • Loopback connector
  • Getting Started Guide and Online Help


  • Console or Envoy – data logger fits neatly into all of the following models:
  • Windows XP and above with an available serial port.
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