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Spam Policy

Apexs will not tolerate spam and will take any issues related to spam very seriously under strict spam policy guidelines.

Spams are unsolicited emails that make up nearly 35 percent of messages received. One in nearly every hundred spam contains a virus and could cost billions of dollars globally on an annual scale.

Following is a description of the mail spam filtering services that we use:

BOXTRAPPER is a tool that filters spam from your inbox through a process called challenge-response verification. When an account that has BoxTrapper enabled receives an email, BoxTrapper automatically sends a fully customizable verification email in response.

SPAMASSASIN is an email filter that uses an integrated range of tests to identify spam. It allows other technologies to fight spam and uses a multi-technique approach, modularity, and extensibility that give it an edge above other anti-spam systems. SpamAssasin is adaptable to email management for clients and servers, varied operating systems, and other policy activities.

Changes to this policy
We change this policy from time to time. We always indicate the date when the last changes were published.