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Fugitive Dust Weather Station

Fugitive Dust Weather Station

A Fugitive Dust Weather Station

Having a Fugitive Dust Weather Station will give you appropriate control measures to minimize the release of fugitive dust from the site.

Fugitive dust is an environmental air quality term that refers to very small particles suspended in the air, the source of which is primarily the Earth’s soil.

Fugitive Dust Weather Station
Is Your Fugitive Dust Control Plan Effective Enough? (c) Thermo Fisher Scientific

When in businesses such as building construction, agriculture, concrete and asphalt, mining, sandblasting, and smokestacks, fugitive dust can be prevalent. While low levels are unavoidable, many states have regulations concerning the volume of particulate matter an individual business may emit into the ambient air.

Knowing your local weather conditions is vital to fugitive dust control. While regional forecasts have their place, we’re here to offer a better alternative. With a weather station configured to your specific needs, you can rest easy knowing that the information you’re receiving is current, accurate, and relevant.


Planning your Fugitive Dust Weather Station is one of the requirements when you want to put a weather station in your school. You can contact us for more information requirements, or we can do a site visit for proper orientation of your weather station.

With so many weather station out there, you have no idea what to buy and what you really need. As you contact with us we can discuss the requirements of your weather needs.

We can offer you a good price for your Fugitive Dust Weather Station equipment.

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