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An Educational Weather Station

Educational Weather Station for educational purposes or a resource for teaching a unit on the Earth’s atmosphere. Also a variety of uses can be employed in your school.

Creating interest in the natural world is a crucial part of the education of the next generation. What better way to do that, than making data leap off the paper and into a child’s outstretched hands? By bringing a customizable weather station to your school, a variety of uses can be employed. Students will benefit from hands-on learning, conditions for recess can be more accurately monitored, the community can have access via text commands, and children can be introduced to STEM early on. Weather conditions can be documented manually or by employing the use of a data logger, and long term information can be studied to find weather patterns. Our customizable and affordable weather station is exactly what you need.

Educational Weather Station

Our state-of-the-art weather stations provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring, and easy-to-install systems. It gives you all the weather data you need for educational purpose.

You’ll see current weather conditions, including indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity, barometric pressure, wind speed and direction, dew point, rainfall and more.


Planning your Educational Weather Station is one of the requirements when you want to put a weather station in your school. You can contact us for more information requirements, or we can do a site visit for proper orientation of your weather station.

With so many weather station out there, you have no idea what to buy and what you really need. As you contact with us we can discuss the requirements of your weather needs.

We can offer you a good price for your Educational Weather Station equipment.

Contact Us for your Educational Weather requirements.

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