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A Grower Weather Station

A Grower Weather Station is a type of weather application that you see in the television news reports and regional forecasts. The role of this weather application are important sources of information for managing an agricultural operations. But these reports probably don’t represent the conditions at your specific site. You need a local weather conditions, and that’s why the Grower Weather Station is what you need.

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Agricultural Weather Station

If you don’t have an agricultural weather data on site, then you are in a critical. It is better to have a local on-site agriculture weather data in order for you to effectively manage freeze protection, allocate irrigation resources, plant at optimal soil temperature, monitor wind conditions, and determine ideal harvesting humidity. It shouldn’t be too surprising that a local weather station is required for such data.

It can be discouraging to find that complex weather stations and data loggers are often costly and complicated, requiring technicians to configure and program. After all, your business isn’t in weather instrumentation. Still, your agricultural business could certainly benefit from high-quality, reliable weather instruments, especially those available at a reasonable price.


Our line of weather stations are made in the USA and are preconfigured to the precise needs of you, the grower. For example, a basic solar‑powered weather station with embedded cell phone can be located wherever it’s needed – specifically, on‑site at your agricultural operation.

Want to know when to plant, when to water, and when to harvest? You’ll find out, using the data from our line of weather station. Basic measurements include the following: wind meter for wind speed and wind direction, air temperature, humidity, and barometric pressure. To this basic setup, you have the power to add a grower-specific instruments (e.g., rain gauge, soil temperature sensor, and soil moisture sensor). Lightning detection is also available for safety alerts.

When combined with a tripod, our line of weather stations are also portable, which allows you to relocate them as necessary to adjust to your changing crop allocation.



Planning your Grower Weather Station is one of the requirements when you want to put a weather station in your location. You can contact us for more information requirements, from the location where you want to put the weather station or we can have a site visit for proper orientation of your weather station.

With so many weather station out there, you have no idea what to buy and what you really need. As you contact with us we can discuss the requirements of your weather needs.

We can offer you a good price for your Grower Weather Station equipment.

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