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Weather Products

Our weather stations feature state-of-the-art technology at affordable prices. Used by thousands of schools, colleges, and universities throughout the world, they’re also used in agriculture, industry, and research, and by homeowners, expeditions, storm chasers, and government agencies.

Introducing: Cabled Vantage Pro2 Console Straightforward explanation: With this Cabled Vantage Pro2 Console, you can use this to gather weather data with outside & inside temperature & humidity, barometer, wind and rain sensors. This cabled Vantage Pro2 console is only for a cabled vantage pro2 stations. Take note that this is a cabled version, not a wireless version…Read More

Introducing: Vantage Vue Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite This Vantage Vue Wireless Integrated Sensor Suite is a fully-integrated, rugged sensor suite built to take all the weather your location can give! It combines a rain collector, temperature/humidity sensors, and anemometer/wind direction vane into a single unit for optimum performance and durability. Features & Benefits This are…Read More

What is Vantage Vue Wireless Weather Station? This wireless weather station provides accurate, reliable weather monitoring in a self-contained, easy-to-install system. Includes outdoor sensor array and LCD console. Mounting hardware included; mounting pole sold separately. What are the features? Our weather stations help professionals and hobbyists measure, monitor, and manage weather data. The Vantage Vue…Read More

Straightforward explanation: With this WeatherLink USB Data Logger for Mac, you can use this to store your weather data into your Mac computers. If you have recently purchased a wireless or cable Vantage Pro2 or Vantage Vue console and you have a Mac computer then this is what you need. Access, store and graph your data with…Read More

Our Vantage Connect service plan make uploads weather data through a cellular connection to WeatherLink.com in 5, 15, or 60-minute intervals, depending on the service plan you choose.Read More

Product Ultraviolet UV Sensor This Ultraviolet UV sensor measures the sunburning portion of the UV spectrum. Allows you to display UV index, dose rate, and daily and accumulated dose. Precision radiometer Our precision, patented UV sensor measures the sunburning portion of the UV spectrum. It detects ultraviolet (UV) radiation at wavelengths of 290 to 390…Read More

Introducing : Wireless Vantage Pro2 Console Receiver Straightforward explanation: With this Wireless Vantage Pro2 Console Receiver you can use this to receive your weather station data from a Wireless Vantage Pro2 Integrated Sensor Suite. View data from a wireless Vantage Pro2 integrated sensor suite, or for use with other wireless Davis stations. This compact console is loaded with…Read More

Introducing: WeatherLink USB Data Logger for Windows Straightforward explanation: With this WeatherLink USB Data Logger for Windows is a Standard Data Logger allows you to log and store data in the data logger, even when it’s not connected to your PC. Transfer the data as often as you like, or leave the PC and software…Read More

Introducing the New Weatherlink Live: Go Wi-Fi with your weather. A smart way to stream live data. WeatherLink Live™ makes getting your data from any Davis sensor simple, reliable, and fast. This data hub uses Davis’s dependable, frequency-hopping, spread spectrum radio to collect data from a network of indoor and outdoor sensors. Access your data…Read More

Product number: 6477 Compatible with Wireless Temperature station (#6372) and Anemometer/Sensor Transmitter Kit (6332). Can also be used to replace the inside temperature sensor on wireless Weather Envoy (6316), Envoy8X (6318), wireless Vantage Connect (6621, 6622). Features The Wireless Weather Envoy, Envoy8X and Wireless Vantage Connect come with an “inside” temperature sensor. Since the Vantage…Read More

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